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Holy shit this place is still running

31st May 2013, 14:52 by Hatsuharu

Saw a e-mail pop-up because someone made an account.
Anyone else here?

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A Few Good Men becomes Never Ending

12th March 2009, 01:08 by Xyliaz

Some of you have probably been wondering why there was a big Officers meeting the other day.
We have had a long talk with all the officers of Reminiscence about a merge with all the core members of their guild and our guild into one hardcore Guild for Ulduar.

The reason for this is that we want a stronger roster that shows up for Raids and bring 100% focus on Progress.
And we also want to be able to have a full raid at 19:00 and not at 19:30.

So basically, we are gonna make a new Guild called Never Ending with the best of the best from Reminiscence & A Few Good Men. This new guild is gonna have the same Raid Days and Raid Plan as it was in A Few Good Men, and with the same focus on progress raids and still having a friendly and social chat community. But we also want our members to fight to get into a raid by added two types off ranks. An Core Member and Normal Member, where you get the Core rank based on Attendence, being prepared for many hours of progress raiding with flasks, pots and even feasts for that matter.

Our DKP System is gonna be handled the same way as it is now, with some improvements to the prices and more "progress friendly".

We want to became the guild that's gonna push Alius Orbis down from #1 place And as its look like does now, then this merge is needed to gain that level of raiding. More information will be added when the Guild Goes live.

This is the list of people from A Few Good Men that we invite to this guild as Members.

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25th February 2009, 12:34 by Xyliaz

We are now looking for the last 3-4 People to become a part of our Raids when Ulduar hits Live Servers.
Never Ending forum - Portal IconSmall_Druid 1 Boomkin
Never Ending forum - Portal IconSmall_Druid 1 Resto
Never Ending forum - Portal IconSmall_Shaman 1 Elemental
Never Ending forum - Portal IconSmall_Shaman 1 Enhancement

We are looking for people that can learn by themself and aint needed to be told what to do on encounters.
People with a great amount of knowledge about general Raiding and their own class.
We don't expect you to have cleared all 25-Man Instances every week since Wotlk came out, but we expect you to have made a effort on getting the best kind of gear that you have had access to. By that it also mean that all your Items is socketed and Enchanted.

For more Information, contact an officers either on Forum or Ingame.
25 Man Progress;
WowJutsu Realm Rank: 6 (

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Sartharion + 3 Drakes down!

12th February 2009, 01:46 by Lyle

Never Ending forum - Portal Ve43gk

Never Ending forum - Portal 29za06c

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